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Universe is a set of documents for a freely-available, text-based role-playing game, based on the SPI game of the same name published in 1980. (Copyright and trademark info on the original game.)

The documents are hyperlinked PDF files, generated from LaTeX source. Graphics will be provided in PNG or JPEG format whenever possible. The structure and format of the original game have been preserved wherever possible. The intent is to provide:

  1. a complete, ready-to-play text-based SF RPG,
  2. an extensible framework for additional material (expansions, "house rules" and so forth), and
  3. the source for the documents so that individuals may generate their own documents in their own preferred format.

This project is completely text-based. There are no programs or executables planned at this time. The document source is compilable into various document formats.

James P. Goltz <>

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