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Players need only one book, the GM Guide, plus whatever supplements their GM wants them to have. They can optionally download DeltaVee, the tactical space combat system for Universe.

GMs (and only GMs) should look at the Adventure Guide, a list of possible encounters and accidents, plus a starter adventure, "Lost on Laidley".

Description Files Size
Player's Release 0.80, including GM Guide, DeltaVee, and the Adventure Guide 1.94 MB
GM Guide (basic player manual) gm_guide.pdf 1.32 MB
DeltaVee (tactical space combat) delta_vee.pdf 361 kB
Adventure Guide (encounters etc.) adventure_guide.pdf 700 kB

See the downloads page for additional files, including supplements from outside this project.


A few additional documents from outside parties.

Description Files Size
Star Trader, a strategic trading game compatible with Universe StarTrader.pdf 1.43 MB
Electrocells v1, a supplement on power sources in Universe electrocellsV1.pdf 332 kB


The source files are LaTeX, with graphics in Fig format. Until the DeltaVee graphics are complete, you'll also need the EPS graphic files.

Description Files Size
Source for Player's Release 0.80 universerpg-source-0.75.2.tar.gz 295 kB
EPS graphics files universe-graphics.0.1.tar.gz 536 kB

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